The characteristic of PTFE Spring Energized Seal

The sealing performance of the PTFE Spring Energized Seal is not affected by the lack of lubrication at startup, effectively reducing wear and frictional resistance, through the combination of different sealing materials and springs, it can show different sealing forces to meet various application needs. The chemical resistance and heat resistance are far superior to the commonly rubber seals, the dimensions are stable, and there is no deterioration of the sealing performance caused by volume expansion or shrinkage. 


The structure is exquisite which can be installed in standard groove of the rubber O-ring, but greatly improve the sealing ability and service life than it. Any anti-pollution material (such as silicone) can be filled in the jacket of the PTFE Spring Energized Seal which is an ideal seal for food and drink industry. The material of PTFE is very clean. It will not pollute the process.The coefficient of friction is extremely low, it is very smooth even in very low speed applications and there is no "slip effect"