The main application of PTFE Spring Energized Seal

The main application of PTFE Spring Energized Seal:

The PTFE Spring Energized Seal is a special seal for the application of high temperature corrosion, difficult lubrication and low friction. The combination of different Teflon composite materials, high performance engineering plastics and corrosion-resistant metal springs can fully meet the increasingly stringent requirements in various industry. Typical applications are as follows

1. Axial seals for rotary joints of loading and unloading arms

2. Seals for glue dispensers or other dispensers systems

3. Seals for vacuum pumps

4. Beverage, water, beer filling equipment (such as filling valve) and seals for food industry

5. Seals for traditional industries of automobile, aerospace, chemical industry and petroleum

6. Seals for metering equipment (low friction, long life)

7. Seals for other equipment or pressure vessels (liquefied gas)