The materials of PTFE Spring Energized Seal

There are many kinds of materials for PTFE Spring Energized Seal. Generally, most of the materials used are PTFE modified and filled, which can enhance the wear resistance and strength of PTFE. There are also some other special engineering plastics. The following are the materials we often use for your reference:



Especially for light to moderate dynamic and static applications, limited wear and thermal resistance, low gas permeability, good low temperature properties, moderate to extreme vacuum applications


White modified PTFE

Especially for light to moderate dynamic and static applications, limited wear and heat resistance, low gas permeability, good low temperature properties. Improved abrasion and seizure resistance for moderate to extreme vacuum applications.


Black polymer filled PTFE

It has excellent wear resistance under high temperature, high pressure and high speed, especially suitable for water and water-soluble solutions. Abrasive action on soft metals under dry or harsh lubrication conditions.


Tan polymer filled PTFE

Superior heat and wear resistance, non-abrasive, recommended for medium to high speed dynamic applications on soft metals


Golden synthetic UHMW-PE (high density polyethylene)

Fairly hard, long-term wear resistance, but limited thermal and chemical resistance, especially suitable for abrasive media, recommended for long-term wear resistance in difficult conditions.


Transparent pure PTFE

Excellent thermoplastic resistance to radiated radiation, but limited heat and abrasion resistance, not recommended as a general-purpose seal


Grey self-lubricating glass filled PTFE

Provides low pressure sealing. The material is softer and has an abrasive effect on soft metals,


Grey self-lubricating organically filled PTFE

General purpose material with good heat and wear resistance, recommended for dry and poorly lubricated conditions Especially suitable for water and steam applications


Synthetic UHMW-PE (High Density Polyethylene)

Excellent abrasion and abrasive resistance, limited heat and chemical resistance.


Black self-lubricating organically filled PTFE

It has stronger hardness and wear resistance, especially suitable for water and water vapor sealing in harsh environments, under high pressure It has good anti-deformation and extrusion ability, the best choice material for back-up ring

Pure PEEK (Aryl Ether Ketone)

High modulus material, excellent heat resistance, recommended for back pressure ring or other special applications